How many colours can be printed Letterpress?

We can process Letterpress jobs with up to twenty colours – however there are strict requirements for this type of job.

For designs that have more than three colours – these will need to be requested via a custom order. Please request a Print Quote and upload your print-ready file for review. An estimator will assess your design and will notify you if we can accept the job.

For standard orders of single or double sided letterpress business cards, we accept a maximum of three spot colours (or "passes"). Below is a breakdown of the variations:

1 pass

  • 1 colour one side only

2 passes

  • 1 colour front side, 1 colour back side OR
  • 2 colours one side only

3 passes

  • 2 colours front side, 1 colour back side OR
  • 3 colours one side only

The use of the same ink-colour on both sides of the card is counted as two separate passes. For example, if the colour black is used on both sides of the card and magenta is used on the front side only, it would be considered as a three colour letterpress business card.

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