Online Creator Known Issues

Our Online Creator is currently in Beta mode – while it is a great tool for quick and simple design creation, there are a few known issues. Below are some guidelines to avoid these issues.

The PDF file that is downloaded from the creator is what will be printed (not the design preview). Ensure you double check all details and alignment in the PDF before uploading it to your order. is not liable for any of these exporting errors and it is the customer’s responsibility to check their PDF file before proceeding with printing.

Our IT and Web Team are working on these issues and hope to resolve them in new releases. Thank you for your understanding.

If you experience any of the issues below, our Design Service team may be able to make manual edits to the PDF file – however there may be a charge for the time of the designer.

Overlapping Objects

Text and objects that are not wanted should be deleted from the creator.

If you experience overlaying text in your PDF file that does not appear in the creator, this is generally because text has been dragged off the design instead of deleted.

Text and objects can be deleted from the creator by selecting the object and pressing the Delete/Backspace key on your keyboard.

Font Issues

Font sizes in the Online Creator are not equivalent to in other programs. Please always do a test print of your design on your home or office printer at 100% before sending to print to test font sizes.

If you are experiencing an issue with a font not exporting correctly, please ensure that the font you have chosen is suitable for the characters and language of the text.

We have several fonts available for different languages (such as Japanese and Chinese). Certain Roman characters will not display when exported to PDF in this font (even if they display in the Online Creator).

If you are experiencing text that is disappearing in the PDF file, please change the font you have selected, and ensure it is suitable for the language used.

Minor Shifting and Alignment Issues

Objects can shift slightly when exported to the PDF. To correct this issue, open the design in the creator again and move the objects in the opposite direction to account for this shift. This is most important for small details in designs.

Certain internet browsers will allow you to zoom in, to view details closer.

Colour Specifications

Our Online Creators are not suitable for colour specification.

Lost Designs

We recommend you log into your account before using our Online Creator. This will allow you to save designs to your account to edit later.

We recommend you regularly save your design to your account, and also download and save the PDF to your computer and back-up. We are not able to retrieve any unsaved or deleted designs.

Designs will expire and may be deleted from the system after two months. Please ensure you download and save the PDF file from our creator so you do not lose the design.


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