Using Online Creators

Before you begin

We suggest creating an account on our website before you begin – this will allow you to save designs to edit later.

The Online Creators are in Beta version – which means that there are a few bugs and issues to be resolved. They are not a suitable replacement for a designer for complex requirements.

As they use advanced HTML5 scripting, our Online Creators work best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browsers. They are not supported on Internet Explorer or Safari (including mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads).

Step 1
Selecting an Online Creator

We have Online Creators for many of our products – business cards, flyers, stickers, posters and more. Ensure you are using the right one for the product you are ordering.

We are constantly expanding the range of Online Creators however do not have Online Creators for all of our products, or custom products. If there is not an Online Creator for the product you would like to design, we suggest using professional design software (such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign) to create your design.

Step 2

This is the fun part!

If you are designing a Greeting Card or Calendar on the left of the creator you will be able to select which section you would like to design (for greeting cards: the front, inside top and bottom or the back, and for calendars, the month). Select what you would like to work on first and start designing.

Handy tip: certain internet browsers will allow you to zoom in to view details closer (in Firefox select View > Zoom > Zoom In).


To add text to your card select the Text tool option in the tools palette, type the text you would like in the box provided and then click where on the product you would like your text. The text will appear on the product and you will be able to select it and adjust its position.

For longer text – or text on several lines – use the Enter (or Return) key in the text tool box to place text across multiple lines.

The text size and font family can also be adjusted.

Line height is the space between lines of text - to increase the line height, move the slider to the right; to decrease the line height, move the slider to the left.

Rotate your text by moving the slider to the right - to reset your text to standard alignment, click the "Reset" button.

Keep in mind, text should be kept away from the edges of your card to allow for the trimming safety margin.

To delete text, select the text item and push "Delete" or "Backspace" on your keyboard.


To add an image, select the image tool, select where you would like the image placed and click "Upload Image". Find the image you would like to use from your computer. It will then be placed on your product. Now you can adjust the size and rotation of the image in the tools panel, and position the image using your cursor.

Ensure that your image is high resolution and not scaled up, or it may print pixelated or unclear.

The creator accepts PNG and JPG/JPEG files. Transparencies in PNG files will be preserved – for example, a circular logo will not have a white box around it if transparencies are set up correctly in your PNG file. See: Transparency in the Online Creator.

To delete an image, select the item and push "Delete" or "Backspace" on your keyboard.


In the tools palette on the right side, select "Background" – you will then be able to choose a background colour. The default colour for the card background is white, but you can choose any of the colours (remember, darker colours will be hard to write on if used on the inside of your card).

To remove the background colour, select "Background" from the tools palette and select the top left white option.


A selection of shapes can be added to your design. 

Step 3
Generate and Download PDF

When you have completed your design and double-checked all details, click on
“Preview & Order This Design”. After a few moments the "Generate PDF" button will change to "Download PDF File". Click to download your PDF file and save it to your computer.

Save this file in a secure place on your computer – and back it up.

 If you have an account on our website you will also be able to save your design to come back to later. Click on the "Save Design" button (if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in). Enter a name for your design to be called and click "Save!". You will need to download the completed design before you place your order. is not liable for any of these exporting errors and it is the customer responsibility job to check the PDF file before proceeding with printing.

Step 4
Place Order

Next you will need to place your print order and complete payment for the print of your design. You will then be directed to a page to upload the artwork for your order – this is where you will upload the PDF file you downloaded at Step 3.

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