Can I see samples of your printing and products?

Yes, we provide a range of Sample Packs!

Standard Sample Pack

Great for new customers, students and those just wanting an overview of our products. Standard Sample Packs are pre-filled with our most popular products but cannot be customised.

Recycled Sample Pack

If you are only interested in recycled content card stocks, this is the Sample Pack for you.

Specialty Sample Pack – $25

If you are looking for a specific product or sample, you will need to place an order for this sample pack.

Wedding Invitation Sample Pack – $25

Comes with all our paper samples for wedding invitations in an elegant box - perfect for wedding planners and brides to be.


Visit our Sample Pack page to request one. A confirmation email will be sent when your Sample Pack is dispatched.

Due to size restrictions we cannot include posters, presentation folders, booklets and other large items in our Sample Packs. To see samples of these products, please visit one of our locations.

See: How are sample packs shipped?

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