How do Design Services work?

The Design Services process can be broken into four simple steps.

DesignServices_Step1_Submit.png DesignServices_Step2_Recieve.png DesignServices_Step3_Review.png DesignServices_Step4_Print.png


Submit a request


Receive your quote


Design Review


Send to Print


Step 1: Submit a request

The first step to starting your design service is to fill out the Design Quote request form.

We encourage you to be as specific as possible in what you need. Contribute ideas, samples of items and colours that you like, or reference examples from our site if you want something similar. Equally important is for us to understand concepts you don’t like - The more information you give us to start out the better we will be able to determine what you need.

Step 2: Receive your quote

Your requirements will be reviewed by a designer, and we will supply you with a quote for your project. At this stage you can decide if you would like to proceed with the quote or not. For the design project to commence full payment of the quote must be made. Payment can be made by clicking the link in your PDF quote.

After approving the quote and making the payment for the requested services, one of our designers will get to work creating your design.

Step 3: Design review

Your design drafts will be sent to you via our online system for your review, comments and approval (you will be notified via email when this is ready). Once you approve the design, final files will be posted for your download, and the design service will be complete.

Step 4: Send to Print/Production

Once your design is completed, press-ready PDF files will be prepared by the designer. You will be notified by email when they are available for download. Download the files. Files will be posted for 30 days for you to download – we suggest you store and back-up these files for future record.

You will then need to send the press-ready PDF files to the print (or production) process.

If you have a print order, upload the press-ready PDF files into your print order (see: Uploading Files).

If your print order has been linked to your design service, you will be provided with a "Merge Files" button which will complete the above process with one simple click.

If you haven't place a print order yet, you will need to place a print order and then upload the press-ready PDF files into the print order (see: Placing an order).


If you have any questions or simply want to confirm you have completed the steps correctly; please contact our Customer Service team at any time.

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