Setting up press-ready spot colour file (for Letterpress and Screen Printing)

Before you begin, please also carefully ready: Design considerations for Letterpress.


Step 1: Define the spot colour/s

Files must be supplied in spot colours. Each colour used in your design must be an assigned spot colour.

The colours specified in your file can be a CMYK colour or Pantone formula. Spot colours can be set up as follows:




Step 2: Order details

It is important that your order details match the setup for your design (as above).

If you have two colour on the front side of your design, under "Select Colours" you will choose the corresponding option: "2 Colours Front Side Only". 

Step 3: Export a PDF 

Export a PDF in the same way as a regular press-ready PDF.

It is important to ensure that spot colours are preserved. You can check that the spot colour separations exported correctly in Adobe Acrobat Pro (via View > Tools > Print Production > Output Preview).

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