Design Considerations for 3D Embossing

Please take into consideration the following factors when creating your 3D embossed design. (If you are creating a design for a regular emboss, see: Design Considerations for Embossing).

Fine Detail

The finest detail possible for an emboss is 1pt.

See: Finest Detail for an Emboss.

Safety Margin

The embossed areas must be at least 0.25 inches away from the trim lines on all sides. A 3D embossed design cannot bleed to the edge and must stay within this safety margin. 


The reverse impression of the emboss will show on the back of the cards. You cannot have a 2-ply created in combination with 3D embossing, and cannot have any printing on the back side of the card with the 3D emboss process.

3D Emboss Files

If you would like us to review your design and concept for the 3D emboss before ordering, please contact one of our Estimators via a Print Quote request.

1. Description

When you supply files for 3D embossing, you will also need to include a text file (exported as a PDF file) describing the areas of the emboss you would like, and the 3D effect.

You will receive a 3D proof for the emboss plate.

See: Example of a file for 3D Embossing

2. Artistic Interpretation

As the 3D elements of the emboss are created by our Designers and Animators, there is some room for artistic impression of your request.

The more information and details you can provide us in your description, the better we can serve your needs. Due to limitations of the stock and process some designs or elements may not be possible with 3D emboss.

You will be sent an online 3D proof of the emboss plate – there is allowance for 1-2 revisions before production commences. Any additional revisions required will incur an additional cost.

3. Blind Emboss

3D embossing is only possible as blind embossing. See: Blind Embossing. 3D Embossing can be combined with Letterpress printing (when not registered).

4. Embossed Height

The height of the emboss can be up to 0.2 inches high. There must be a gradual incline to this height (or the paper will tear). Our team will provide advice on this before your card goes into production. There will also be restrictions to the type of paper stock that can be used with 3D embossing as thicker, softer stock is necessary - ask your Estimator for more details.

5. Vector Format

Press-ready files for 3D embossing must contain vector graphics only. See: What is a vector.

5. Timeline

3D embossing is not for customers who need cards in a rush or by a deadline. There are many factors that can delay the production of these cards – so please keep this in mind.


3d Embossed Design Pricing

If you are interested in having our Design Department create your design files for you, please note that the cost of design for a 3D embossed project will start at $1000. This is due to the complexity of the setup, which will include 2-3 initial design concepts and two rounds of revisions to the selected design. You can submit a Design Service request to receive pricing from our designers.



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