What is the difference between the Natural Wood and Smooth Wood stocks ?

Our Wood Product Line can be divided into two different types: Natural Wood and Smooth Wood. The main difference between the two is that Natural Wood stocks are only created as a 2-ply product (2 stocks mounted together) while Smooth Wood is a standard one ply product. There are other differences between these two types which are listed below:

Natural Wood

  • 32pt (created as a 2-ply)
  • Backing: Wood (2-ply) or paper (W1S)
  • Rougher texture
  • More suitable for designs with minimal ink coverage
  • Available in 3 shades: Natural Birch, Natural Cherry, and Natural Walnut.

Smooth Wood

  • 18pt
  • Single ply (no backing)
  • Smooth finish (almost coated-like)
  • More versatile when it comes to design ink coverage
  • Available in 4 shades: Smooth Birch, Smooth Cherry, and Smooth Walnut.


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