Which Sample Pack should I choose?

We have a range of Sample Packs.

Standard Sample Pack

The Standard Pack is a good all-rounder pack for customers new to printing or our product range. You can order the Standard and Recycled Pack together.

Standard Sample Packs are pre-filled with our most popular products but cannot be customised.

Recycled Sample Pack

If you have an interest in recycled products, then this is the pack for you. You can order the Recycled and Standard Pack together.

The Recycled Sample Pack is not customisable.

Specialty Sample Pack

If you are wanting to see a specific product, type of stock or finish, this is the pack for you.

Some requests include:

  • A specific sample, stock or finish.
  • All products in a specific range (such as all of the Premium Black stocks)
  • Specialty stocks: Cork, Cotton, Premium Black etc.
  • Specialty finishes: Coloured Edges, Letterpress, Embossed etc.

Wedding Invitation Sample Pack

This pack includes an amazing selection of our finest products and Wedding Invitation design. You don't have to be a bride-to-be to order this pack, it is also great for designers who want to see our more unique and premium products.


Request them via our Sample Pack page.

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