Transparency in the Online Creator

Our Online Creator supports transparent images – however there are a few requirements.

If you are having issues with a white box around the image you have uploaded, there are two possible issues:

  • The file is not saved as a PNG file with transparency
  • The image does not have transparency (the background in the image is white)

Saving the file as a PNG

You will need to open the original file (from Photoshop etc) and export a new PNG file. Ensure transparency is enabled.

If the image does not have transparency

It is best if you can have your designer supply you a new PNG file (with transparency). This will give the best outcome.

If your image does not have a transparent background, you can remove the background manually (with an application such as Photoshop) – or our Design Service team can also help you out. Submit a Design Quote request for this service.

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