What are Wooden Stickers?


Wooden Stickers are an exciting product exclusive to Jukebox Print – they are stickers made of a fine layer of wood.

Photograph shows the Smooth Birch Wood Sticker.

The stock is 13pt with an easy-peel backing. The Wooden stickers are permanent – meaning they are extremely adhesive, and can stick to pretty much anything.

Our Wooden Stickers can also be:

  • Die cut (to your custom shape)
  • Screen printed (with white or other ink)
  • Ordered in custom sizes

They are a great new product suitable for:

  • Packaging (including glass and bottles)
  • Branding and labeling
  • Signage

Our Wooden stickers are water resistant, but not waterproof.

We love the use of Wooden stickers for unique wine labels, as seen below.


See: Can I see samples of the Wood?



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