What are Wooden Stickers?

Wooden Stickers are an exciting product exclusive to Jukebox – they are stickers made from a fine layer of wood.

Photograph shows the Smooth Birch Wood Sticker.

Available in the colors Birch, Cherry and Walnut, our Wooden Stickers are 13pt, have an easy-peel backing and permanent, meaning they are extremely adhesive and can stick to pretty much any surface. They are also water resistant, but not waterproof.

Our Wooden Stickers can also be:

  • Screen printed (with white ink or other colored inks)
  • Blind embossed (unless it is paired with registered foil)
  • Cut with rounded corners 
  • Ordered in custom sizes

They are suitable for:

  • Packaging (including glass and bottles)
  • Branding and labeling
  • Signage

We love the use of Wooden stickers for unique wine labels, as seen below.

Samples of Wooden Stickers are available by ordering a Specialty Sample Pack.



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