What are Colored Edges?

Colored Edges, also referred to as Edge Finishing, are an add-on feature where ink is applied to the edge of your product. Available in 4 types: Custom (CMYK/Pantone), Fluorescent, Metallic and Foil; the addition of an edge color will make your prints more stylish and definitely stand out from the rest. These are perfect for business cards or beautiful wedding invitations!

What stocks are Colored Edges available on?

We recommend thick stocks for colored edges. Our thicker stocks provide a larger surface area to make your coloued edges really stand out. For a high impact, we recommend a stock that is 20pt thick or higher; however,  the minimum we can apply edge color to is a 16pt stock.

Edge color is only available on smooth uncoated stocks and stocks with a Silk Matte Laminate coating. It also cannot be combined with some print processes such as embossing, debossing and custom shaped (die cut) products.

Is there a minimum size?

At this time, edge color is only available on square-cut products (e.g. rectangle or square) as small as 3.5" x 1.75", and some prints with rounded corners. We cannot apply edge color to business cards that have a 1" radius rounded corner on both top and bottom corners of the same side - e.g. Top and right and bottom right.

For photos of our colored edge business cards, see the Inspiration section of our Colored Edges business cards page. 

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