How to Choose the Appropriate Brochure

With a wide range of folding options available, it's easy to forget which stocks work best with each folding type. Below are guidelines to help you choose the best brochure for your needs.

Paper Thicknesses 

Thinner papers (70lb - 100lb) are best suited for brochures as they can easily be folded after scoring.

Brochures printed on a card stock (10pt or thicker) are more prone to opening and will not lay as flat because it is thicker and more resistant to folding.


Laminate coatings (like Silk Matte) increases the strength of the stock causing more resistance to folding. As a result, the panels of folded brochures will likely stay open and not lay flat.


All brochures are scored prior to folding. Scoring is the process of creasing the paper so it will fold easier.

Brochure orders are folded according to the order specifications and delivered folded, unless the "no folding" option is selected.

See: Brochure Folding Options.

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