Blue/purple colour issues

Colours in the dark blue and navy range can have issues when printed CMYK. They tend to shift from blue to purple when printed.

If you are using these colours in your design, it is important to understand and adjust your colour values for this issue. Even though it appears one colour on the screen, the colour values can output differently when printed. 

It is highly recommended to move colours out of this range to avoid unwanted output.

Both navy blue and dark purple colours are known to shift – blues can shift to a purple shade, and purples can appear blue. We use all available technology to produce the highest quality CMYK print however we can not guarantee these specific colours.

For a blue colour

If you are looking for a blue colour, use values in this range:

Cyan C 100
Magenta M 0 - 50
Yellow Y 0
Black K 0 - 60

To prevent a colour change (shift), we recommend that you reduce the amount of Magenta in your file to increase the likelihood that the colour will remain blue when printed.

Increasing the black (k) value in certain colours can also reduce the risk of them appearing purple.

For a purple colour

If you are looking for a purple colour, use values in this range:

Cyan C 0 - 60
Magenta M 80 - 100
Yellow Y 0 - 20
Black K 0 - 40



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