Incorrect File Name Error

This error message indicates that we cannot open your files. There may not be anything wrong with your files, however our prepress team is not able to check them yet as the file cannot be downloaded. This happens if you have saved your file with special characters in the file name.

Please do NOT use any of these common characters/symbols:

# pound

< left angle bracket

$ dollar sign

+ plus sign

% percent

> right angle bracket

! exclamation point

` backtick

& ampersand

* asterisk

‘ single quotes

| pipe

{ left bracket

? question mark

“ double quotes

= equal sign

} right bracket

/ forward slash

: colon

\ back slash


@ at sign


- Don’t start or end your filename with a space, period, hyphen, or underline

- Keep your filenames to a reasonable length

- Make sure your file has the correct extension (.pdf /.eps /.tiff  ...)

Appropriately naming your files will help us process your order more efficiently.


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