Selecting a Paper Stock

Choosing a paper stock is an important part of determining the final look and feel of your product. We offer a wide variety of paper stocks - not all options will be suitable for all types of designs.


If your design has very minimal ink coverage:

A simple design can be suitable for any paper stock, however we suggest to choose one of our coloured, recycled or textured stocks to add interest to your print. See: Coloured Kraft, Cotton, Pulp.


If your design is colourful or has full ink coverage:

Coated white stocks are the best choice to keep your colour and solid ink coverage looking consistent. See: Selecting a Paper Coating.


If you want your cards to sparkle:

We have a wide variety of shades and options in our Pearl line. Some Pearl Colours look best with minimalistic designs, however more versatile options like Pearl Silver can look great even with a photographic design. This is an excellent choice for Invitations. See: Pearl.


If you want your design produced in foil:

Our Premium Black line offers unique stocks that are only available with foil or emboss. Nothing can beat the look of metallic foil on all black cardstock. Foil can be added to almost any of our stocks, however Premium Black is recommended for the most high-end product. See: Premium Black.


If you want your cards to be thick:

Our Mega Thick 24pt Cards are available with a variety of finishes and have a similar thickness to a credit card. 2-ply cards are created using two stocks to double your thickness, and can be combinations of different types of paper to really stand out. Lastly, Letterpress is available on ultra thick 40pt Cotton stock for the most luxurious thickness. See: Mega Thick, 2-ply Cards, Cotton

If you want your cards to be environmentally friendly:

We offer a range of stocks that are made from 100% recycled content. See Brown Kraft, Coloured Kraft, White Recycled Cards.

If you are unsure about which stock to choose, we recommend requesting our Recycled and Standard sample packs, which are free for many delivery locations. See: Requesting a Sample Pack

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