What paper stocks can I print a QR code on?

QR codes can work on all of our stocks, however we advise to exercise caution if ordering darker stocks like Dark Walnut, as there may not be enough contrast between the dark stock and the printed code for this to be scanned correctly. You can create the QR code with a light coloured silk screen or matte foil to ensure it is visible on a darker stock. Letterpress can also be used for QR codes.

Metallic foils or shiny gloss may cause issues with QR codes, as sometimes the reflective surface can cause interference. We do not recommend to create a QR code with a “Blind” design effect; using only a Spot UV layer or emboss as the QR code that is not registered to any printing will not be effective.

If you are concerned that the stock / output of your order will not work with a QR code, you can request a Print Quote for one of our experienced Estimators to give you advice.

There are other considerations to take into effect when creating a design with a QR code. See QR Codes.

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