Larger Safety Margin Required / Recommended

Due to the nature of certain stocks, shifts of up to 0.125" can occur, which might result in text/images too close to the edges being cut off. We take all necessary precautions to avoid as much shifting as possible, however this risk is higher with Wooden stock and any paper stock 20pt or thicker.

For this reason we recommend a larger margin (or safety/padding area) of 0.25" from all trim lines (the edges) - that is 0.375" from the bleed. 

Products/Paperstocks that require a larger safety margin (0.25") are:
  • 2-ply
  • 3-ply (layered)
  • All Wood stock (including Smooth Wood)
  • 20pt Pulp
  • 22pt Brown Kraft
  • Premium Black W1S
  • 32pt Brown Kraft
  • 32pt Pearl Silver
  • 34pt W1S (white and brown kraft)
  • 27pt Cream Pulp
  • 26pt 2ply Cork
  • 31pt K1S Cork on Brown Kraft

To learn how to set up your file correctly with bleed and safety margin in design software see: Text too close to edges / safety margins.

Download the business card template for the larger safety margin here.

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