Too Many Files Uploaded Error

This error message is given by our Prepress team if the number of files uploaded is more than what you have ordered. 

Please refer to the number of sets indicated on your invoice or order details. You can upload a front and back file for each set if you have ordered Printing Both Sides, or one front file for each set if you have ordered Printing Front Side.

You will need to re-upload the correct number of files to match what you have ordered before we can proof your order. 

If you have placed more than one order, please make sure you are uploading the correct files to each individual order. You can do so by choosing the Current Orders tab from your Account Centre to review the files uploaded, delete any if needed, and add the correct files to each order.

If you need to add additional sets to your order, please call our Customer Service Line.

Handy tip: Appropriately naming your files will help us process your order more quickly. See: File Naming.


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