FAQs for Silk Matte Laminate


Do Silk Matte Laminate cards come in different colours?

Silk Matte Laminate is a coating only - it is available on a variety of thicknesses of white cardstocks (16pt C2S, 20pt C2S and 24pt C2S). You are able to print a full colour background as part of your design over the white stock to change the colour of the card.

We also offer Silk Matte Laminate coating on our Vibrant Grey stock under the Premium Grey products.


Can I add Spot UV Gloss to Silk Matte Laminate?

We do not offer Spot UV on this coating, however we do offer this on Smooth Matte Laminate stock.


Can this coating be written on with pen?

Uncoated stocks are the most recommended for writing on with pen ink, but the Silk Matte Laminate coating can also be used for this purpose. There will be very little smudging compared to other coated stocks, even when touched immediately after writing with regular pen ink.


Will the Silk Coating have any affect on how my design will look?

Matte coatings may make colours appear slightly more muted than they appear in your design file, so the final print may not look as bright.


Is Silk Matte Laminate coating waterproof?

Silk Matte Laminate coating is not fully waterproof as the laminate is on the front and back of the cards only - it does not seal the edges of the card. This coating will still provide some water resistance and can be wiped down with a damp cloth without damaging the card. 


Does Silk Matte Laminate make the card thicker?

Silk Matte Laminate does not add thickness to the pt size listed for the cardstock, but it does add a more rigid feel which can make the stock seem thicker when compared to an uncoated stock with the same pt size.


Can you see fingerprints on this coating?

When the Silk Matte Laminate coated cards are handled, you might see visible fingerprints left behind on the surface. This is much more obvious if you have printed a dark colour as the background.


What is the difference between Offset Silk Matte Laminate cards and Digital Silk Matte Laminate cards? 

The difference between these two options is the print method. This will affect the cost and the turnaround time. Digital output is a better choice for smaller runs and fast turnaround needs, while Offset output is more economical for larger quantity orders with no critical deadline. Offset output is a higher quality of printing than Digital and will have better print results for designs with gradients, large areas of grey colour, or high resolution photographic images. Digital Silk Matte Laminate is available on 16pt, 20pt or 24pt stock. Offset Silk Matte Laminate is available on 16pt or 24pt Mega Thick stock.

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