Double Border Error

This file error is given by our prepress team if your artwork includes a border on both sides (front and back) on certain digital output products. The reason this warrants a File Error is because shifts in production are more common with thick stock and digital output, making it less likely that the artwork (borders) will match up perfectly front and back. This means you will likely see your border shifted and off-centre on one side of a large portion of your order.

The following list indicates products that cannot include artwork with a double border:

  • 2PLY or 3PLY
  • Wood (W1S or Smooth)
  • 20pt Pulp
  • 20pt Cotton
  • 22pt Brown Kraft
  • Premium Black W1S
  • 32pt Brown Kraft
  • 34pt W1S
  • 32pt Pearl Silver
  • 27pt Cream Pulp

You will need to remove the border from at least one side of your design if you have received this File Error. If you choose to keep the border on one side, there will still be a risk of shift (off-centre) appearance, therefore we recommend to keep your border a minimum .25” inwards from the trim line to make this less noticeable.

If it is necessary to keep the borders on both sides of your design, you can change to a thinner digital output stock, or you can upgrade your order to Premium Offset output. Please note not all paper stocks are available with Premium Offset output.

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