What are the paper options for 2-ply Business Cards?

2-ply cards involve two stocks pressed together. This can be produced with two of the same stocks to double the thickness, or it can be done with two different stocks to allow for a different appearance on each side of the card, and add a layered look to the edge.

We have standard options for 2-ply cards that can be ordered right through our website:

32pt Brown Kraft, 32pt Pearl Silver and 27pt Cream Pulp are 2-ply cards created with the same stock on both sides to provide a thicker option.

W1S cards are 2-ply cards that have a white stock on the back, with many options for other unique stocks on the front. Regular options for this include Wood, Premium Black, Cork and Brown Kraft with white uncoated backing.



Premium Black W1S

Jet Black with White Uncoated

2-ply Colour Stock business cards use any two of our paper options from our Colour Collection of stocks. This includes using two of the same colour to double the thickness, or two different colours for an eye-catching effect.

Custom 2-ply Products

We have the capability to create a 2-ply card out of almost any two stocks we carry. For custom 2-ply cards, you can request a Print Quote from our Estimations team.

Please note that design considerations for 2-ply cards are a bit different than for regular 1-ply orders. See: 2-ply Cards Design Considerations.

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