What is Silk Matte coating?

Silk Matte is one of our most popular and premium coatings that offers a suede-like and almost rubbery texture. It is applied as a film and provides rigidity and durability. This coating is completely flat in that it does not reflect any shine, making colours appear slightly darker or muted. Silk Matte can be easily written on with a standard ball point pen or permanent marker (gel or inky pens will smudge).

Silk Matte is available on the following stocks:

  • 10pt
  • 12pt Uncoated
  • 16pt
  • 16pt Vibrant Gray
  • 20pt
  • 24pt stocks  stock

If there is a stock you're interested in applying Silk Matte on, please request a Print Quote and a member of our Print Estimations team can look into the option and pricing for you.


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