Sticker backing

Below is a guide for the backing of our Sticker stocks: 

Sticker Stock Backing
70LB Crack N' Peel Crack and Peel
Brown Kraft Peel Backing
Permanent Poly Synthetic Peel Backing
Poly Synthetic Low Tack Crack and Peel
Transparent Peel Backing
Wood Easy Peel


Crack and Peel

Crack and Peel (or Crack N' Peel) stickers have slices or slits making the paper back easily removable from the sticker.

Peel Backing

Peel stickers do not have slices or slits in the paper backing – they are removed from the backing along the edge.

Easy Peel

Easy Peel stickers are the same as peel backing stickers, but are slightly easier to remove from the paper back.

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