Hang Tag Rings and Eyelets

The smallest details make the finest finishes. We offer the addition of paper Hang Tag rings and/or metal eyelets/grommets to dress up your tags. Pricing and ordering is available via Print Quote request.


Hang Tag Paper Rings

Currently available in Red pulp, Cream, Black, Dark Brown and Green pulp shades.

You can even print customized text on the ring for ultimate personalization.

We offer three types of paper rings: Standard Circular Rings, Standard Fold Over Rings, and Custom Fold Over Rings.

Standard Circular Rings are only available with a 0.25" hole drill, and are featured in the image below.

Standard Fold Over Rings have a circular shaped ring and are available with a 0.125" hole drill only. A metal grommet can be added on top for added effect.

Custom Fold Over Rings have a straight edge on part of the ring, and allow you to customize the hole drill size added from any of our hole drill size options (popular choices include 0.125" or 0.25" sizes). A metal grommet can be added on top for added effect, but only with a 0.125" hole drill.


Hang Tag Metal Grommets

These metal grommets or "eyelets" are available in 4 different colours: Black, Gold, White and Silver -  they work in combination with either a 0.125" or 0.25" hole drill.



Request metal grommets or paper rings on their own, or in eye-catching combinations!
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