File Setup for Screen Print

Screen printing is a technique used most commonly to add light ink shades over darker coloured stocks. At Jukebox, this is commonly used to create a design in white over Brown Kraft or other coloured paper. This is also the process used for printing on our tote bags and apparel. 



Design Considerations for Screen Printing

  1. Although screen printing can be produced in your choice of colour, the design files need to be set up in registration black (100 / 100/ 100/ 100).
  2. The artwork also needs to be solid, meaning you cannot submit a photographic image or an illustration with gradients. See image below for reference.
  3. We do not recommend fine detail for screen printing. Line weight should be 1pt minimum, and in general texts should be made more bold.


Using Halftones in Screen Printing

A gradient effect can be created by breaking up the design into a series of dots. If you do not know how to set up your artwork with halftone dots, our prepress team can help with this setup at additional cost. 


Screen print + CMYK

Although screen printing is produced in one solid colour, you can have a regular CMYK design printed over top of the screen print at additional cost.

This technique is often used to print CMYK colours over a solid screen printed block of white on darker coloured stocks like Brown Kraft, making the printed colours appear more vibrant.

Please note that screen printing is NOT available over top of CMYK ink and needs to be produced directly on the stock material.


There is a special setup required for this type of order. 

  • 2 PDF files will need to be submitted, one for the CMYK printing and one for the screen printing.
  • The screen print artwork needs to be slightly larger than the CMYK artwork to be printed over top. This helps compensate for slight shifts that can occur between the two methods and is known as "trapping".
  • Registration of CMYK printing over screen printing cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate.
  • Registration of CMYK printing over screen printing is NOT recommended for fine details such as small text or intricate designs.



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