Design Considerations for Chrome Stock


The metallic side of this stock is highly reflective - this quality remains when light colours are printed over the paper, adding a metallic effect to the print. Darker colours can mute the chrome effect - as such, it is recommended to leave negative space in your artwork to let the stock itself show through, and avoid large areas with solid blocks of dark ink coverage.

The Chrome surface, while visually appealing, can be scratched easily. Some scratching can occur during the printing process itself. A busy or patterned design may help disguise any small scratching that can occur.

Adding a Silk Matte Laminate coating will help protect your cards from further scratching when handled (fingernails can damage the original chrome surface as well). Coatings can be added at additional cost to Chrome stock only through a Print Quote request. If you wish to add a Silk Matte Laminate coating to Chrome stock, you will need to make sure your design isn’t full bleed, as this causes issues with the application of the laminate.

The back of Chrome stock is a standard white uncoated surface that can be printed on.

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