Shipping and Pick Up Terms and Conditions

This article is an overview of the terms and conditions relating to shipping and pick up. Please note that this includes general information and does not cover the full terms. We recommend reading the full terms and conditions prior to ordering, which can be found linked at the bottom of this article.

We provide shipping through Canada Post and UPS. As shipping is provided through a third party, any issues including delays, damage or lost items that occur during shipment are not the responsibility of Jukebox. We will be happy to contact the shipping provider on the customer's behalf to file a claim or request an investigation into any of these issues, should they arise.

If you enter an incorrect address for shipping and your item is returned to us, you will be responsible for paying to have it shipped again to the corrected address.

If you have selected "Pick Up" for your order, you will have 6 months from the date of completion to collect it from our office. After this point it may need to be disposed of due to space restrictions, and the order will not qualify for a reprint.

See: Terms and Conditions


Our terms and conditions are made available before submitting payment for an order, and customers must click that they have read these terms before they are able to place an order with us. The full terms and conditions are also available at any time in the footer of our website.

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