Custom Quotes Terms and Conditions

This article is an overview of the terms and conditions relating to custom Print Quotes. Please note that this includes general information and does not cover the full terms. We recommend reading the full terms and conditions prior to ordering, which can be found linked at the bottom of this article.

We are happy to accept your custom projects outside of the products we offer regularly - these types of jobs can be ordered through a custom Print Quote request. Pricing is calculated manually by an Estimator and therefore is subject to human error. If an error has been made in the details of the quote, Jukebox has the right to cancel the order and refund the customer. 

Much of the process will involve communication between the customer and the Estimator as they determine the best options for your needs. Any miscommunication during the quoting process will not qualify a reprint. Before payment, the customer should check over the details of the quote carefully, as it it is their responsibility to check accuracy.

If you request a cancellation of a custom order after it has been paid, it will be treated the same way and is covered by the same terms and conditions as regular orders. Once production has begun, no cancellation, refund, or modification can be made. If the cancellation is requested later than the same business day the payment was made, a 5% transaction fee will be incurred to cover merchant fees. This fee can be avoided by accepting an in store credit instead. Some custom orders will require custom materials or procedures to be conducted before production - in these cases the cost for such materials will be subtracted from a refund for the order if it is cancelled. 

See: Terms and Conditions


Our terms and conditions are made available before submitting payment for an order, and customers must click that they have read these terms before they are able to place an order with us. The full terms and conditions are also available at any time in the footer of our website.  

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