Mini Notepad FAQs

Can my design bleed to the edge?

Yes, we accept full bleed designs.

Can you print a full background colour?

We can print a full background colour if desired; however, this may print inconsistently on the uncoated stock, especially if dark colors are used. 

Will my design show through on the other side?

Since a thinner stock is used for notepads, show through will be slightly visible on the other side depending if you are holding the single page up to a light source, the darkness of the colors used in your design, and the colour of the paper you have chosen. 

Can I print on both sides of each page?

Yes; but double sided notepads are only available via a custom order. To request pricing and order this product, please submit a Custom Quotation form. 

Can the corner radius or number of rounded corners be changed?

0.5” is available upon request and 1, 2, 3 or all 4 corners are also available upon special request. 

Can I have notepads created in a custom die cut shape?

We can create a custom shape for your notepads; however, please note that a one-time die creation fee will be incurred and there will be limitations to the shapes available (one edge must remain flat for gluing). Please submit your dieline via a Custom Quotation form for shape approval and pricing. 

Can the peel off page stay sticky like a post-it note?

No, we do not offer this type of product.

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