Tissue Paper FAQs



How many colours can I have in my design?

You can have one or two colours (one side only) when placing an order from our Shop Now page. If you would like additional colours, please submit a Custom Print Quote request for pricing.


Can I print my design in a metallic colour?

We use coated Pantone inks to print on our Tissue Papers, which gives you the option for metallic gold or metallic silver.


If I choose white ink, will my design be visible?

Choosing white ink provides a much more subtle visual effect on our 1pt White Standard tissue paper and 1pt White Wax tissue paper. The printed areas will appear more opaque and this will provide some contrast against the translucent tissue paper. Large and bold images are recommended when using white or any light colours on white tissue paper as anything otherwise may be difficult to read.

Since our 1pt Black tissue paper is a dark stock and our white ink is not opaque, white ink will appear more grey than a true white. 


Can I print black ink on 1pt Black Tissue Paper?

Black ink is a possible option on our 1pt Black tissue paper. However, any image or text, regardless of size, will have minimal visibility. For the maximum impact on 1pt Black Tissue Paper, we recommend metallic gold, metallic silver, or white inks.


Can I print a photograph?

A photographic image will not be suitable for this product. We require simple artwork with no gradients (vector based preferred). See Tissue Paper Design Guidelines and Considerations and Registered Tissue Paper for more information.


How much of the sheet can I fill with my design?

Choose 1pt White Standard for maximum ink coverage and flexibility with your design. 1pt Black and 1pt White Wax cannot hold as much ink coverage due to its waxy nature. See Tissue Paper Comparison to learn more about the differences with these all 3 styles.


Can I print a different design on each sheet?

Dynamic printing, printing variable images on each sheet, is currently not available with this product. The same design will need to be used for the full quantity that is ordered.


How long does it take? Can I get it rushed?

This product takes approximately 8-10 business days to produce from proof approval. A rush service is currently not available.


How durable is it?

Like most other tissue paper products, this is a very delicate and thin paper. If you are looking for a more durable / sturdy packaging option, check out our Wrapping Paper products instead.


Can I get a sample?

Samples may be requested as part of a Specialty Sample Pack order.


How do I set up my artwork? 

See: Tissue Paper Design Guidelines and Considerations .



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