What is Foil Stamping / Foiling?


Foil stamping is a specialty process that can be used to create designs out of foil. A custom die is created of the artwork, which is then used to stamp the foil onto the cardstock. This allows for designs to be created in shiny metallic colours including but not limited to gold and silver. Foiling can also be produced in matte colours, such as white or other light shades over a darker coloured paper (where-as ink in these same shades would not be visible on these stocks).

As this process is different than ink printing, each colour of foil used will increase the cost of the project. Designs with photographs and gradients are not possible to produce with foil. We recommend to use a vector design for the best results.

Foiling can be ordered with regular online check-out on some products, including Embossed business cards and Premium Black business cards. For foiling on some other products, you will need to submit a Print Quote request along with files to show what you will need produced in foil.

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The following is an example of the files needed for an order with CMYK printing as well as silver foil:


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