Stocks Compatible with Foiled Edges

The following stocks are compatible with Foiled Edges:

  1. 16pt / 20pt / 24pt Silk Matte Laminate
  2. 17pt Uncoated, White and Cream 
  3. 28pt Uncoated
  4. All Bamboo stocks
  5. All Cotton stocks
  6. All Kraft stocks
  7. All Pearl stocks
  8. All Pulp stocks
  9. All Premium Black stocks
  10. Any Duplex combination of the stocks listed above

Foiled edges is not available on coated stocks, Wood, Plastic Cards, Stickers or any custom shaped (die cut) product.

We recommend foiled edges on our ultra thick stocks like Bamboo or Cotton for maximum impact. Foiled edges also make prints look more formal and is a great addition for special occasions such as for wedding invitations.


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