Sparkle Business Cards FAQs

You may have seen images of these amazing new business cards featured on our social media accounts. Sparkle Business Cards are available to order now!

For those interested in learning more about this exciting new product, please see our FAQs below:

Will the sparkles come off?

No, the sparkle effect of the stock will not fall off the cards. 

What colours are available? 

Silver is the only colour currently available, however more colours will be added in the near future. The colour will change slightly when viewed under different lighting conditions. Another way to achieve a different background colour is to print a full colour background, using the negative space of the silver sparkle stock for your design. You can still see the sparkle effect through a full bleed background.

How thick is the stock?

This stock is created as a 2-ply with your choice of Sparkle both sides (32 pt), or with our default 17pt 100% Recycled Smooth Uncoated white stock as the back (33pt). Other stocks can be used for the backing by Print Quote request, and will affect the final thickness of the card. 

What is required for the design?

We are currently producing the artwork in a one colour process (Pantone preferred, CMYK also accepted) and vector format. Small fonts / fine details are not suitable on this stock. See: File Setup for Sparkle Cards. Multiple colours may be available by Print Quote request after approval of your design. 

Can I get a sample?

Samples can be ordered in a Specialty Sample Pack. 



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