Wood Products Considerations and Care Instructions

Wood is a natural material that shrinks and expands when reacting to natural elements like temperature and humidity. To best care for your wood product, you should try to avoid exposing the product to extreme temperature and humidity differences.

Excessive moisture can cause some warping in the wood stock, therefore we recommend to keep humidity between 50% - 70%. Higher or lower humidity levels can cause some warping in the wood. With 2-ply products, warping, contraction or expansion of the wood due to temperature can also result in the two plies curling apart near the edges in some rare cases.

To properly care for your wood products, please store them in a paper carton (or wrap them in paper) to prevent moisture from getting in.

If you do see warping in your wood product, you can spread it out in an area with normal room temperature (around 25 degrees celsius) and within the recommended humidity levels. Along with applying pressure (you can try placing something flat and heavy on top, like a textbook) the warping can be corrected.

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