What foil colours can I select from?


We offer an extensive range of foils in different colours and with different finishes. If you want a colour that is not listed on our site or want to match a specific shade, we will do our best to fill your requirements - Please contact us by submitting a Print Quote request including details of your custom needs. We also have foil samples available to view in office or through a Specialty Sample Pack.

We offer the following types of foil:

Metallic: This is the shiniest and most popular type of foil. It is most commonly used in Silver and Gold but is available in most other common colours by request.

Pigment: This is a more subtle foil and looks more similar to ink. Pigment foils are available in all popular colours with either a Gloss or Matte finish.

Pastel: Our pastel range consists of lighter-coloured, uncoated foils. These provide the best results when used on uncoated card stocks. For pastel colours not available in foil, we can also achieve pastels using a Screen Print method instead.

Pearl: Pearl foils add a touch of sparkle and shine to a design, much like our Pearl Business Card range.

A special note about Pearl Foils:

Pearl Foils are shiny, slightly translucent and have a shimmery pearl effect when used on white paper stocks.

Pearl foils may still be used on coloured stocks, but this is less recommended, as the shimmer effect will be dimmed and the colour of the paper might be visible through the foil. This can produce undesired results on the final product.

Special Effect: This includes patterned, multi-coloured, holographic and scratch-off foils. These are available through a Print Quote request only.

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