Can my painted edge match my artwork?

We offer different colours for Painted Edges. If you choose a CMYK Painted Edge, you can choose a CMYK value that is also used in your printed design. We will do our best to match this for you, but due to the process of creating CMYK colour we won’t be able to guarantee a 100% match.

If you are choosing a Metallic or Fluorescent colour option, we will not be able to match the artwork to the painted edge colour. In this case it will look best to use the colour of the painted edge as a complement to your design colours and not try to match this with the printed design.

If you are choosing a Foiled Edge, and want to match this to a foil stamped design, we can use the closest foil colour for Silver or Gold to match the edge foil. Please make a note of this request before production. Although we have many colours available for foil stamping, we only offer Gold and Silver for Foiled Edges.

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