Recycled Stocks List

Below is a list of our Recycled stocks:

Card (Cover) Stocks

  • 20pt Pulp (all colors), 90% recycled 
  • 18pt Textured, 100% recycled 
  • 15pt, 17pt & 18pt Kraft (all colors), 100% recycled 
  • 17pt White Uncoated, 100% recycled 
  • 16pt Pearl Silver, 100% recycled

Text Stocks

  • 100lb Pulp (all colors), 90% recycled
  • 80lb Off-White, 100% recycled
  • 8pt Brown Kraft Natural, 100% Recycled 
  • 5pt Beige Kraft, 100% Recycled
  • 3pt Brown Kraft Natural, 100% Recycled 

While the above stocks are part of our Recycled Product Line, we also offer our Cotton collection which is sourced from 100% recovered fibres that would otherwise end up in landfills, and pir Bamboo collection which is made of 90% Bamboo content.

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