Design Considerations for Wrapping Paper

Online PDF proofs for wrapping paper are prepared in a 24" x 72" PDF file and are then printed using the approved proof. 

The following guidelines will allow you to properly set up and supply print-ready files for your order.  

General Set-up

Small Logos or Patterns

Your logo or pattern must be submitted in a 6" x 6" PDF file (preferred file format) where the image is centered on the page (refer to Example 1 below) or pattern is designed to be seamless all around (after it is repeated throughout the wrapping paper - see Example 2 below). Keep in mind that a member from our Prepress department will tile your artwork as part of the proofing process, so ensure your file is set up correctly before ordering.

Large Images or Illustrations

Images or illustrations larger than 6" x 6" can be supplied as long as they can be paneled equally within the 24" x 72" size that we will use for the proof - e.g. 12" x 12", 12" x 24", 24" x 24" or 24" x 36". The maximum size we accept is 24" x 72".

Screen Print Wrapping Paper + Premium White Ink

Screen print wrapping paper is only suitable for simple designs that are to be tiled throughout the wrapping paper. Full bleed is not accepted and all artwork must be supplied in a 6" x 6" PDF file format and account for a 1/8" safety margin.

Full Bleed 

Designs with black ink or full colour can only be printed with full bleed along the length of the wrapping, allowing for a continuous print of images from the top of the roll to the bottom of the roll. The margin on either side will be 1/8".

Wrapping paper with premium white ink is not available with full bleed. 

Fine Detail

The line thickness of the finest detail of your artwork must be at least a 0.5pt. 

Color (Paper and Inks)

The color of the paper stock will affect the overall appearance of your design. Lighter colors of your design may not be very visible on a colored stock, and medium to darker colors tend to appear darker when printed on a colored stock. Darker colored stocks are only suitable to be printed with dark colors and black.  

We recommend using black or dark colours for all stocks except the 4pt White Kraft stock. If your artwork primarily uses lighter or brighter colours, we recommend the 2pt Light Ivory and 4pt White Kraft stocks.

See: Wrapping Paper Ink Coverage


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