File setup for Sparkle Cards

Sparkles cards from Jukebox Print are a unique product produced with a special one colour process. File setup for designs on the Sparkle stock will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • A special one colour process is used for production. Designs can be submitted in Pantone (preferred) or CMYK - the closest match to your colour will be made by our production team. 
  • Vector format is required.
  • Fine detail is not recommended and must be kept at a minimum 2pt line weight
  • Fonts are recommended at a minimum 18pt size.
  • As this product is produced as a 2-ply, a larger safety margin of .25" from the trim line is recommended to account for further shifting. 

Light Colours on Sparkle Stock

You may choose a spot colour for your design on the sparkle stock, however we highly recommend to stay away from lighter shades, as there will be minimal contrast between the silver background and the design itself.

See picture below for reference:


If you need help creating or setting up your artwork, our in house Design Department will be happy to take on your project. Additional costs will apply for design work and will be quoted to you by one of our experienced designers based on your request. To request a quote, log in to your Account Centre and select the Design Services tab from the left hand menu.

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