Design Considerations for Sparkle Business Cards

Sparkle Business Cards are a unique product that requires unique file setup.  

The following recommendations are in regards to designing for the Sparkle stock only (please read the considerations for any other stock you have selected for the back side).

We recommend large, bold designs that are very simple and have few fine details. Fine detail and light colour choices can easily be lost over the sparkly stock. We recommend at least 2pt line thickness, however the thicker the better on this stock. Font is recommended at a minimum 18pt to ensure it is readable. 

A unique one colour process is used to create the design, however multiple colours that do not overlap can be requested by submitting Print Quote request. Be sure to submit your design files with your request.

Vector artwork is required and designs can be submitted in Pantone (preferred) or CMYK - the closest match to your colour will be made by our production team. We do not currently produce this product in combination with other print techniques like foil, embossing or letterpress. 

Silver stock is the only paper colour available currently, with more colours to be added in the near future. Please note that the colour of the stock may change under different lighting conditions.

Since this product is created as a 2-ply, there is more risk of shifting expected and therefore the further from the edges you keep your design, the less risk there will be of the artwork appearing off-centre.

You can combine this stock with other paper types like Cotton or Pulp for the back by submitting a Print Quote request - please be sure to check the design considerations that correspond with your choice for the back side. 

More information about file setup can be found here: File Setup for Sparkle Cards.







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