No Files Uploaded Error

This error message is given by our Prepress team if no files show up on your order. Sometimes there can be issues during the upload process, usually due to an incorrect file format, overly large file, or sometimes just a computer glitch.

PNG files will not upload properly and it is always best to covert your files to a PDF before upload when possible. File formats such as Microsoft Word or Publisher documents cannot be accepted. 
You may upload up to 10 files to each order, at a maximum 100MB in size. If you have more than 10 files, please compress your files into one zip file (using an application such as WinZip). Exceptions may be made for orders requiring large file sizes, such as booklets - contact Customer Service for instructions. If your file size is too large, you may also try Reducing file size.
After uploading your files, please ensure the "Finish" button is clicked. If this button does not appear after upload, or if you continue to experience issues uploading your files, please contact our Customer Service Line at 1 888 667 0067 for support. 
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