Proofing Terms and Conditions

This article is an overview of the terms and conditions relating to proofing. Please note that this includes general information and does not cover the full terms. We recommend reading the full terms and conditions prior to ordering, which can be found linked at the bottom of this article.

Online PDF Proofs are offered for the customer's review and approval before production, to give customers a final chance to make sure their artwork is ready. Once the proof is approved, you assume all responsibility for the content. This means if you notice an error in your file such as a spelling mistake after you have approved the proof for printing, you will not be entitled to any compensation, discount, re-print or refund. If a new order needs to be placed, the full cost will be the responsibility of the customer. 

Our Prepress team sends notes with online proofs to warn about potential issues; however, this is provided as a courtesy only and we are not responsible for ensuring your files are set up to have the results you desire. Additionally, all print orders include 3 Online PDF Proofs. Should you decline your third proof and re-upload files after, you will be charged a $10 re-upload fee for further proofs, as these are created manually by members of our Prepress department. 

Should you choose to skip the online PDF proof and select Run-As-Is instead, you accept the full responsibility for the file and its results, and give permission for production to begin right away without any proof sent to you for final review.

We do not recommend choosing Run-As-Is unless you are an experienced designer who has printed with us before, or you are printing the same proof file you received in a previous order. 

See: Terms and Conditions


Our terms and conditions are made available before submitting payment for an order, and customers must click that they have read these terms before they are able to place an order with us. The full terms and conditions are also available at any time in the footer of our website.  

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