What is a Triplex business card?

Triplex business cards use a similar process as our duplex (2-ply) cards, where two stocks are pressed together to create a double thick card or even combine two different types of paper for the front and the back. Triplex cards are special in that they are a 3-ply card, taking it one step further by allowing for a colored stock to be placed in the center, which creates a multi-colored edge effect and extreme thickness. 

At Jukebox, you have the freedom to choose any two stock for the outside layers. This gives you the option to choose a different stock for each side, and select from our wide range of premium materials. 

Some excellent combinations for triplex business cards include using Premium Black stock with foiled designs for the outsides layers, or even our Natural Wood stocks, as seen in the stunning example below:

Natural Birch Stock with Pink and Blue middle layers.

We recommend choosing bright colors for the center layer as this achieves the most prominent effect; however, we can use almost any color of paper you need. Check out our Colorplan Collection for a wide range of paper options that can be used for any of the three layers in triplex business card.

Specialty Services like foiled or embossed designs can also be requested with this product. We are not able to offer die-cut shapes for 3-ply cards at this time.

Please note that design considerations for triplex cards are a bit different than that of a standard single ply business card. See: Layered Cards Design Considerations.


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