Premium Grey

Introducing our newest stock options in our Premium Grey product line - 16pt Vibrant Smooth Grey, 18pt Cool Grey and 18pt Dark Grey. 

If you're familiar with the challenges of printing a grey coloured background, you will love these new stocks. These options provide the perfect solution to achieving a consistent grey background. You can fully avoid the risks of banding and colour shifting that usually occurs when printing large areas of grey ink by choosing one these exciting grey paper options.

16pt Vibrant Grey has a smooth surface and medium shade. Made with 30% post consumer fibres and carbon neutral processing.

18pt Cool Grey has a lightly textured uncoated surface with a unique cool grey tone. The paper is made chlorine and acid free.

18pt Dark Grey has a lightly textured uncoated surface and is made chlorine and acid free. Black ink will have best results.  

20pt Grey Pulp is 90% Recycled and features the unique texture of our Pulp line. Dark or dense ink colours will have the best results. 


The Premium Grey range of stocks offers unique textures as well as unique shades to choose from. Vibrant Grey has a beautifully smooth uncoated surface that does not absorb ink as much as most other uncoated stocks, allowing for sharper detail and crisper print results. Dark Grey and Cool Grey stocks are smooth but with a more papery texture. Grey Pulp is a highly textured option with visual pulp fibres, that will be best suited to minimal ink coverage and less fine detail.

Like other coloured stocks, please note that the colour of the paper will affect how colours in your design appear once printed. We don't print white ink as part of regular CMYK printing, so any white areas in your design will be considered transparent and will end up being the grey colour of the paper. Full colour printing is available on this product, however simple black designs tend to be the most striking.

If you would like to achieve white or other light shades in your design on these stocks, this can be achieved with screen printing at additional cost through a custom print request. Metallic foil stamped designs also look lovely on these cards - pricing and ordering is available through our Print Quote form.

Vibrant Smooth Grey + Silk Matte Laminate 

Looking for a grey stock but want a more sleek and professional coated finish? You can add our signature Silk Matte Laminate coating to the 16pt Vibrant Smooth Grey cardstock for a suede-like finish. This is a great choice if you will be printing full bleed on both sides, as the added coating will protect the cards from showing fraying or chipping along the edges. 




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