Laser Cutting

Laser cutting and laser engraving are new processes at Jukebox and are currently available through Print Quote request.

Laser cutting creates similar effects to die-cutting, with more precision and more detail achievable for shapes and cut-outs. Instead of a metal die being created as in the die-cutting process, laser cutting uses a laser to cut the pre-determined shape indicated in a digital file. Lasers are more precise than blade cutting methods, which is what allows for more intricate designs. 

Laser engraving (or etching) also uses a laser for intricate details but does not cut all the way through the stock.


  • Slight burn marks from the heat of the laser may be visible on lighter paper stocks (like white). We recommend this process only on card stocks, not text weight stocks. 
  • Vector files are required
  • For cut-out shapes, a 1 mm space between negative spaces is required
  • Pricing depends on the amount of detail and registrations, therefore print-ready files are required when submitting your request.  

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