What is Embossing?

Embossing is a premium service that creates a metal plate called a "die" of your specific design. The die is used to then add pressure to cardstock, raising areas of the card as indicated in your emboss design. 

Embossing creates a reverse debossed effect (impression) on the back side. While blind embossing is often used for a more subtle yet high-end effect, embossing can also be registered to offset output ink printing, foil stamping or spot UV with only very slight shifts between the two processes.


 BLIND EMBOSS                                                EMBOSSED SILVER FOIL 


Minimum Runs for Embossing

We can offer as low as 100 quantity for an embossed order (or as low as 500 quantity with offset printing), however we recommend ordering larger quantities due to the set up costs involved.

This complex process requires a lot of work to prepare for production, as well as higher setup fees due to creating the custom die. This means ordering 1000 quantity or more could be only slightly more than ordering 100 quantity, depending on the stock or other processes required. A lower price per unit will always be given when ordering a higher quantity to be embossed at once.

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