Die-Cut Silk Matte Laminate Warning

If your order includes Silk Matte Laminate coating and die-cutting, there are a few warnings to consider depending on your shape and design. 


If your artwork includes a dark colour that is full bleed on both sides, you may notice slight fraying of the Silk Matte Laminate coating along the edge on one side - this can appear as fine strings of the coating. Since this will mostly occur on one side only and is only very noticeable over dark ink colours, you can create your design with this in mind. 

To reduce the visibility of this effect you can:

A) Modify artwork to remove the full bleed from one side.


B) Change the colour that is full bleed to a lighter colour on at least one side.

Your artwork can still be produced with dark colour full bleed on both sides if you accept the higher risk of this effect being visible on your order. 


On thicker stocks 16pt and up with Silk Matte Laminate coating, there can be slight bending of the stock in areas of the shape that have a sharp arc. For example, a 3" circular shape would not have this issue, but a small rounded corner with .2" radius would be at risk to bend slightly. If you are concerned about your cards bending you may consider changing your shape so there are less sharp arcs, or changing your order to a different coating. If you need advice about this or wish to make a change please contact our Customer Service Team.

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