Custom Boxes

There are many ways we can produce your own custom shape and size of boxes, depending on the stock, size and quantity you are interested in ordering. For this reason, it is best to supply our Estimators with as much information as possible in regards to your needs. This includes letting us know about your intended use for the box, as we have many options available to suit specific needs. 

Die-Line Files

The most important aspect of submitting your request for custom boxes will be to supply a die-line file that shows the flat, unassembled guide of what you wish to have produced, in the exact shape and dimensions you will require. The die-line file is necessary before a formal price can be supplied. This will be used to create the custom metal die that will cut the shape of your box out of the cardstock after it is printed, therefore a final die-line file will need to be supplied in vector format. 

If this is not something you are able to supply, we do have a graphic design team in-house that can take on this project at additional cost. Please mention if you will need us to create the die-line file when submitting your request. 

Example of a die-line file indicating cut and score lines (used for our Cube Box product).



Different types of box products will require different minimum quantities per order. 

Digital Output boxes can be ordered in small quantities under 1000, with max quantity dependant on the size of box you are ordering. 

Offset Output boxes start at a minimum 1000 quantity.

Thick Cardboard boxes start at a minimum 500 quantity.

Let our Estimations Team know how many boxes you are looking to have produced as well as the unassembled size of your box, and they will be able to recommend to you the most suitable output type.


Requests for custom box orders can be submitted through the Print Quote form.

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