Box FAQs

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for this product?

We offer boxes with many options for size, output type and stock, which will affect the minimum or maximum quantity we would offer. A small quantity order will likely need to be produced Digital Output (less than 1000), while larger quantity orders will need to be produced Offset Output. All box order requests are reviewed by a print specialist who will be able to supply this information based on your other requirements, or can give you box options based on the quantity that you need produced. 

Are there any size restrictions?

We can produce boxes in a wide variety of sizes from small to large. The size will be restricted by the stock and print output used. Smaller sized boxes up to 13" x 19" flat will have more options for stock. The larger your box size is, the fewer stock options we will have available.  

Can you design a custom box for me?

We have an in-house Design Department that specializes in design for custom print projects. The price of a box die-line design will depend on the complexity of the shape required and will be quoted to you by a designer based on your individual needs. When submitting your Print Quote request you will need to mention that you will also require a Design Service. 

What closure styles are there for boxes?

There are three main styles for the closure of box products: Fitted slits (die-cut), a separate larger lid piece to bottom piece, or mounted velcro. If you are looking for a different style of box closure let us know - we are able to accommodate most custom requests. 

What stocks are available for boxes?

We have a wide variety of stock options available, however these are limited to the unassembled (flat sheet) size of your box shape, as well as the output type. Typically a 10pt cardstock is the thinnest we recommend for box products. Digital Output orders can use cardstock up to 20pt thick, with some coating restrictions. If you are interested in a thicker option, you can request cardboard to be used. We also offer a Mega Thick 24pt Uncoated stock.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time for a box product will vary depending on the specific product, output type, quantity and any specialty add-ons. 

The fastest regular turnaround time will be for small quantity Digital Output orders using one of our pre-made Small Box templates - this will be a 3-5 business day estimated timeline for production. 

Offset Output products will have a production time of 10+ business days. Other details that can extend the turnaround time will be very large quantities, Digital Output orders that require a sheet size larger than 13" x 19", the creation of a custom shaped box, or speciality add-ons like foil.

Our Estimators will include a turnaround time estimate with the quote for your request product. Rush options may be available, so if you have a critical deadline for your box order, please indicate this within your Print Quote request. 

Are your boxes FDA approved?

Our boxes themselves are not FDA approved, however you can request FDA approved wax paper to be supplied separately

How do I order boxes?

Boxes can only be ordered through a Print Quote request. This will assign one of our print specialists to your request who can help make sure your order is for the right selections of stock and output type for your needs. If you are looking for a custom shaped box please include a die-line file with your request.

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